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la bucatarıe


Single thread

You need:
Cotton yarn (potholders gets filty with food = needs to be washed in hot water)
A hook that goes with the yarn (read the label that comes with the yarn)
A needle (to weave in ends)
A pair of scissors (to cut the tread)

Use either thick yarn, or double thread of thinner yarn (odd English = translated directly from Norwegian..)

Pattern (in UK terms. I think):
Ch 6, join to form a ring.
1. ch 3 to make first tremble, work 13 more tr in the ring; join with a sl to the top of the beginning (14 tr)
2. ch 3, make 2 tr in every tr from the last round(28 tr); join
3. ch 3, 2 tr in the next stitch, *1 tr in the next, 2 tr in the next* continue all the way around; join 4. ch 3, 1 tr in the next stitch, 2 tr in the next, *2 tr in the next 2 stiches, 2 tr in the next*; join
5. ch 3, 2 tr in the next 2 stitches, 2 tr in the next, *3 tr in the next 3 stitches, 2 tr in the next*; join
6. make 7 rounds of increasing in the same way

Make the border:
Make a chain stitch in one of the st from the last round, skip 2 st, *make 3 tr into the next st, ch 1, 3 tr into the the same st as the last 3 st, skip 2 st, make 1 slip stitch* Keep on working like this, until you've finished the round..
Before cutting the yarn, ch 10 and make a slip stitch into the last st (forms the loop for hanging).
Weave in all ends.

Thinner yarn, held double

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